I am a professional aerial photographer; my images can be purchased and I can be commissioned to take photos from the air. My focus is on quality, I use Sony A7R3 (42.4MP) and Canon EOS 5DSR (50.6MP) cameras as my everyday tools for taking photos.
I have taken part in filming feature films, documentaries, advertisements, music videos, and I have made live broadcasts of events, as well as many other things.
I take photos of everything – real estate, buildings, nature, land property, cities and towns, industrial areas, landscapes, etc. I can also create 360° panoramic photos and videos.
Contact me, and I will help you form your idea and give feedback


I use a variety of equipment, depending on the requirements, and the larger helicopters (DJI Matrice 600 Pro and ALTA 8) allow me to attach any camera that fits in the gimbal (Ronin-MX and MōVI Pro).
My own cameras include the Sony A7vR3 (42.4MP) and the Canon EOS 5DSR (50.6MP), the settings of which I can control remotely. I use the lenses Sony FE 24-70 mm f/2.8 GM, Sony FE 16-35 mm f/2.8 GM and Sigma Art 20, 35, 50 mm.
In addition I own drones, including the Inspire 2 with all its lenses and the Mavic 2 PRO,
which I also rent out on request.


I work with numerous clients every year and insurance is a part of the service which I do not compromise on; I have NOK 5 million insurance, which covers the equipment, software, objects being photographed, as well as third party damage.
The insurance is provided by Coverdrone.


To purchase a file, send me an image reference from and I will shortly send over the file; the price per image for commercial use is generally NOK 1,200.
Commissioning me to take photos with a full frame camera (Sony A7vR3 (42.4MP)) comes at a starting cost of NOK 6,800 per object.
The photos are of exceptional quality and edited to be suitable for large-scale prints, for websites or for social media, in accordance with the client’s needs.
For major commissions, the price is negotiable. I also offer my services on an hourly basis, with prices from NOK 900 per hour.

Price formation

  • Familiarisation with the object
  • Applying for required permits (flight permit, permission from the event organiser, etc.)
  • Photography session/video shooting
  • Post-production of photos according to need (print, web, social media)
  • Final files are sent through via Dropbox.


Deadlines depend on the job queue and the weather, in particular. Rain and high winds are not conducive to photography.