Sjökvarteret Mariehamn

By the shore of Slemmern Bay, just north of the Eastern Harbour of Mariehamn, you will find the Maritime Quarter, a living marine centre with boat-building activity, a smithy and facilities for other traditional handicrafts, alongside a museum and a restaurant. There is a marina for small ships and traditional wooden boats, a 300-metre-long wharf and most service amenities.
Stroll around the traditional-style Åland boat harbour, with sheds and boat-houses. Furthest out on the breakwater there is a seafarers’ chapel, often used for weddings and namegiving ceremonies.handicraft stores Salt and Guldviva you can buy original craft work and souvenirs. Our restaurant Pub Niska offers Åland style pizzas, baked potatoes and tasty soups. You can also enjoy a cup of coffee.

The galleass Albanus, the schooner Linden and the sailing well-boat Jehu were built in the Maritime Quarter together with some thirty other wooden craft of various kinds. Many traditonal sailingvessels are based in the Maritime Quarter, among them the schooner Nordboen.Our museum contains exhibitions of ship and boat building in former and present time plus an exhibition of farm-boats (storbåtar). There is also a museum shop. There is an exhibition of historical work-boats in the newbuilt Beacon, a copy of the former beacon at the Kobba Klintar pilot station. From the summer 2014 you can follow the building of a traditional wooden fishing boat. A newbuilt museum with an exhibition of old hot-bulb engines and other historical marine engines opened 2012.
Future plans include a rigging workshop and more boat-building facilities. Training in boat and ship building is also planned.